Time to Paws

Curated with Kindness for CUDDLY by MyJane

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What's in the Box

Inside you’ll find 8 CBD products hand-selected & vetted for quality PLUS exclusive bonus items! Time to Paws is the perfect gift for pets with separation anxiety, high energy levels, nervous tendencies, and as a special self-care treat for the well behaved (this includes YOU!)

For limited time FREE SHIPPING (Up to $5) Enter code: shipT2P

Rest + Relaxation for You and Your Pet

MyJane and CUDDLY have partnered to provide rest and relaxation for animal lovers, pet parents, rescues, and forever fur babies. Together we’re delighted to introduce the ultimate gift for you and your furry friend! This is all about TLC from the inside out!


From our Pet Parents


Introducing our Time to Paws Box, pets and humans both have endocannabinoid systems that thrive when they are in homeostasis. Homeostasis is basically a big word for optimizing your health and bringing the body into balance. Our box is the perfect solution for anxious pups & kitties, to calm nerves and help you (and your fur baby) feel your best.



We’re so proud to be partnering with CUDDLY and supporting their mission to help give all animals a healthy life and a loving home. For the chance to WIN a full size item from the Time to Paws Box, tag photos of your four-legged friends with #TimeToPaws on Twitter @myjaneinc x @welovecuddly on Instagram

How It Works

Our Time to Paws Box is full of curated CBD products to promote rest & relaxation for you and your pet.

Choose to receive a CBD Time to Paws Box or donate a box to a CUDDLY rescue animal.

PLUS get CUDDLY stickers, a limited edition CBD Raspberry Lip Balm for pet parents & handy wipes for paws.

Easy delivery straight to your door, all across the USA. Tag your pet pics with #TimeToPaws @myjaneinc and @welovecuddly

Coming together for you & your furry buddy, MyJane is leading a women’s wellness community to help you Own Your Wellness™.
For years CUDDLY has been dedicated to giving all animals a healthy life and a loving home.

CBD for Pets

We’re committed to doing the research and providing education so you can make informed decisions about natural ways to care for your pets.

For limited time FREE SHIPPING (Up to $5) Enter code: shipT2P

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